Raised Beds or Garden Rows

There is some debate on whether a gardener should use a raised bed or garden rows to grow their fruits and vegetables.  I’m going to talk about the differences between the two methods for the next couple of minutes.


Raised Beds or Garden Rows

1. Raised Beds.  Many gardeners, and some farmers, have come to prefer using beds.


One of the reasons for this preference is they can grow more food in a smaller space.  As an example, when I was in college taking an olericulture class, olericulture is just a fancy word for growing vegetables, the professor told us about a farmer.


This farmer had a specific quota for how many onions he needed to grow every year.  Normally he would use rows to grow his onions, after the professor was able to convince him to switch to using beds and drip irrigation the farmer was able to grow his quota on half as much land, making the farmer very happy.


There are multiple reasons that beds are more productive.  One of those reasons is their isn’t any rows between the plants, they’re all spaced as closely within the bed as plants grown in rows would be placed in the row.


2. Garden Rows.  Garden rows have the traditional look that many people think a garden should have.  They’re also convenient to water, just sit the hose at the end and let it run.


Yet rows have some disadvantages, they take a lot of space and most people will use the space between rows as a walkway.  Walking between the rows compacts the soil, reducing root health which reduces the yield.


Now that I have spoken a little about raised beds and garden rows it might be obvious which one is my preference, raised beds.  That doesn’t mean that I am trying to say rows are bad, it’s just that I see beds having more advantages than rows.  At the end of the day the important difference between beds or rows is which one you prefer.

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