Raised Planting Beds

Raised Planting Beds

Gardeners of all experiences have been using raised planting beds for centuries. They work so well in conjunction with the average person’s lifestyle it’s no wonder why raised gardens have been increasing in popularity over the last few years. These gardens are both practical and make any area more beautiful than ever before.

Raised planting beds allow you to create a garden or flower space virtually anywhere. You can make a raised planting bed yourself out of a few cheap materials and start planting on your window sill, in a rock garden, or on that stretch of area on your lawn that is plagued by crab grass or some other type of weed. It just makes gardening easier. You don’t have to rehabilitate an area of your lawn before starting a garden. You won’t have to worry about neighborhood kids or dogs running through your garden and destroying months of hard work.

Best of all, you won’t have to work as hard to achieve the level of beauty and appeal you want for your garden.

Possibly the best aspect of raised planting beds is the level of control you are given. You can create the ideal mixture of growing ingredients to ensure that your plants are growing with the best possible conditions in mind. This allows you to grow whatever you want wherever you want with ease. You can control the lighting, the type of soil, nutrients, the pH levels; everything. You can also fit more plants into your raised planting beds because you don’t have to leave room for paths.

Being able to place your garden where ever you want is a huge advantage. You can make sure it is out of the way of any potential outside dangers and in a convenient location where you can keep a constant eye on your raised garden.

You can also make the height of the garden stand as high as you want. Got back problems? Make the height of your planting beds two or three feet so you won’t have to bend over as much.

Remember, if you plan on building your own raised planting beds; do not make the width more than double your arm length so you can reach the middle of your raised garden from either side. Also, be sure the garden sits at least six inches or more off the ground to allow your plants enough room to grow in. Keep these tips and the aforementioned thoughts in mind and you will be able to start growing a wonderful garden of your own in no time.


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8 Responses to “Raised Planting Beds”

  1. TheFluxMachine says:

    I have always wanted raised beds. This video guide is perfect, thanks.

  2. sbhuiyan says:

    Awesome!!! Thanks!

  3. mokyan7 says:

    Besides the small amount of leaching, pressure treated lumber has not been made with CCA (arsenic-containing) since December 2003. Now they have the ACQ / AC2 quaternary copper mentioned above by pcharles.

    BTW this is a great video, I am planning to build a couple raised beds, hopefully starting tomorrow. Thank you for the great pics and info

  4. MistyMarie1970 says:

    is plastic (silage wrap) ok to lay on the grass then putting the frame on top

  5. fenceguy80 says:

    Good job with your raised bed video. Vinyl raised beds are now available and work well. The advantages are that vinyl raised bed can be moved to a new location if needed, never needs replaced, never rots or leaches anything into the soil and best of all it is easy to care for, just hose it off!

  6. SleekMouse says:

    “Jus’ keep in mind that a raised bed is merely a box with soil in it, you REALLY can’t mess that up!”

  7. gardenvespers777 says:

    This was a very informative video!

    I finished my raised beds last year, I tried to be a little creative with the design, instead of straight rows. 🙂

    I posted a video of it.

    It was a lot of work to dig out the grass, I had Bermuda and its evil stuff..lol

  8. RavenshoeHardware says:

    great video! I’m planning to build one out back the house. 🙂

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