Recyclying plastic to raised beds

Recyclying plastic to raised beds

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic is a term for plastic products which have been salvaged then recombined into yet another form – of plastic. Any number of options occur for designers of end products from recycling these plastic products, including lawn and garden products galore. Seating, small tables and garden furniture, planter boxes and plastic lawn edging are just a few end results, among millions of other possibilities. The “green” aspect of recycling plastic should be obvious. Plastic takes so long to break down it is at once our worst garbage product yet also our most hopeful and versatile substance for use where “breaking down” or decomposing is problematic. That the garden would come to mind in this utility is pretty obvious. That is a sweaty, wet, gooey place. And a good garden not only is all that, bit it STAYS all that.

Wood products, steel – nearly every substance we could ever use in a garden breaks down in some form or fashion over time. Plastic has a longer “half-life” than any of those products entire existence. It is for this reason I always advise its use for my own plastic lawn edging projects. However, it has now gotten engineered just a bit differently, living its new incarnation as a fully fledged retaining wall system of sorts. A person can now make his very own self-sculpted and self-engineered raised beds using recycled plastic.

Raised Beds Using Recycled Plastic

One could pick a form, drawn on a kitchen napkin, in any shape at all and enact its reality on the ground outside using this plastic product. Indeed, one of its foremost capabilities is in that it is so adaptable, one can assess it in place, decide to change it, go back to the drawing board and use the same material for the next design – indeed, over and over again until it gets “right”.

What constructing raised beds using recycled plastic allows is not only this adaptability and free form ability, but it also has been designed in a thickness and durability which exceeds what was – well, honestly – never available before in any product. A full 12-18 inches of depth can be layered inside of a surrounding bed, changing that level as well and advancing upwards in steps similar to a Chinese hillside, all terraced and ecologically sensible but made nice and decadent-looking with gorgeous spill over from plants and even vegetables. Indeed, the possibilities for vegetable gardening are absurdly different and interesting. Constructing raised beds using recycled plastic is a smart and quite new way of carrying out maximum production from a piece of property.

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    I use those brakcets too. They’re like only 50 cents at Lowes and last forever.

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    can i ask a question, why use brakets in your raised bed and not just screw wood to wood, cheaper? maybe even angle cut so join and look cleaner?

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    Just built 4 boxes. 1 dedicated to strawberries. plus 2 large berry rows (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry.

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