Seven Good Reasons For Raised Bed Gardening

Here are some of the advantages of building your own raised bed and having a controlled area to grow produce:

1. Easy to make – either use cement blocks or rot resistant wood (like cedar) to make your raised bed box. Do not use pressure treated lumber, which contains chemicals.

2. Great produce yield – deeper soil provides better root growth and more production per square foot of gardening.

3. Longer planting season – the soil is elevated and dries more quickly and also warms up faster, so you can plant earlier in spring and later into fall.

4. Maintenance – you can manage the quality and types of soils needed for different plants and herbs. If densely planted, the leaves will shade out weed growth.

5. Drainage – as the bed is raised, excess water drains and the soil doesn’t get over saturated.

6. Access – for the urban gardener, a raised bed provides a level garden with easier access for maintenance. Plus it stops all foot traffic through your garden.

7. Education – this is a participatory way to teach children or grandchildren how vegetables are grown, how to nurture plants and how to harvest and enjoy the great taste of fresh produce. They might even like to eat vegetables they’ve grown themselves.

All you have to do is to get going. Start by buying a raised box gardening kit at your local hardware or nursery retailer, or follow the easy online directions at Also, website visitors will find tips on how to plant and grow vegetables and herbs. You will find more than 100 Bonnie Plants vegetables and herbs, including specialty Asian and Italian varieties for planning your new raised garden. You don’t have to be an experienced urban gardener to have a successful harvest.

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    Seven Good Reasons For Raised Bed Gardening : Gardening Resources, Tips and Techniques

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