Square Foot Gardening – Preparation

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www.container-gardening-for-food.com Preparing my raised beds in preparation for implementing square foot gardening this growing season. Includes tips on where to get cheap vermiculite! Music by Rickvanman (That’s me!): Music4YourVids.co.uk . #26 – Most Discussed (Today) – Howto & Style #69 – Top Favourited (Today) – Howto & Style #35 – Top Rated (Today) – Howto & Style .

25 Responses to “Square Foot Gardening – Preparation”

  1. desmalaris says:

    Fine looking big girls looking for you naneedj.info

  2. jaylc005 says:

    What about the flame retardants dupre add to the vermiculite so that it conforms to fire retardant reg LPS 1207?

  3. TheOriginalJoeBloggs says:

    @rickvanman – did you see my cut and paste? 100.00 Kgs was the weight 😀 typo on website I think 😀

  4. rickvanman says:

    @TheOriginalJoeBloggs LOL! It’s 100 litres not Kg’s.
    100 Kg’s would require a bag the size of windsor castle :o)

  5. TheOriginalJoeBloggs says:

    discountedbuildingsupplies couk


    SKU 190105
    Weight 100.00 Kgs
    Price: £14.92
    including VAT 17.50% (£2.22)
    ( £12.70 Ex VAT )

  6. TheOriginalJoeBloggs says:

    @rickvanman – That was a cut and paste from the website 😉 Bargain hey

  7. rickvanman says:

    @TheOriginalJoeBloggs Nice catch!
    100 kg? are you sure it’s the right stuff? – Vermiculite weighs the same as polystyrene. A bag bigger than a person could be lifted with your little finger.

  8. TheOriginalJoeBloggs says:

    Micafil Vermiculite Granular Insulation – found it! 100.00 Kgs = £14


  9. Hawklynn says:

    lol Rick im having a hellashes time with cats in my garden they have ruined every thing i have planted except for my beef steak tomato’s i’ll try ur idea of the nets and thx : )

  10. timwardell says:

    Nice video. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

  11. mmmbad says:

    Great video, Rick! Thanks for posting!

  12. haypockets says:

    Very nice garden boxes & video! I started my first SFG last year and loved it. I’m going to build 3 additional 4×4 beds this year – 1 each for my kids, and 1 for my husband. I also have videos of my last years garden here on YouTube. I cannot narrate well like you, so my garden is just set to music, but it does explain the basics & the timeline. You can watch my videos by searching for ‘rebeccas square foot garden’. Thanks for sharing SFG w/everyone!! It’s awesome!!

  13. 55022RSG says:

    Exactly, i was going to Manchester Airport, but as soon as i stepped out of the front door, god it was cold!

  14. rickvanman says:

    Tell me about it! I’m itching to get on with it, but can’t do anything with this cold weather!

  15. 55022RSG says:

    ahh fair enough then. also its just too cold to anything.

  16. rickvanman says:

    I think its more to do with water retention. If you want non/low-aciddic soil, just add lime

  17. 55022RSG says:

    is the vermiculite, used to cancel out the acidity in soil, =D

  18. baconsoda says:

    Excellent video – just got yourself another subscriber.

    Best Wishes,

  19. jihadacadien says:

    Niely done!

  20. tlk40us says:

    Rick, very nice. It’s educational and your production values are great. Keep up the nice work.

  21. rickvanman says:

    Cheers Dave – glad you like em! :o)

  22. 8thumbs2fingers says:

    I am really gettin into these vids Rik lol … Another great post …


  23. silverpizza100 says:

    I found it. Check my fav. vids. Cheap easy way to make your own light. I think you will enjoy how simple and cheap lighting can be, without a lot of electricty. I believe gardening is like math, we go for the least possiable in supplies and the most simple.

  24. FilmCrab says:

    I usully relocate them to the woods 5 mles away. Works a treat. 🙂 Awful animals.

  25. silverpizza100 says:

    hey Rick, me again. Ill send you a complete system for you to try out and keep in March. Ill build it, you grow it.. You share the results.. Ill pay for shipping,,,Sounds good? Great! Ill get started on it.

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