Timber Railway Sleepers And Your Raised Beds

Timber Railway Sleepers And Your Raised Beds

Article by Agatha Ivanov

Raised beds that are widely used in most gardens have become the solution in areas where gardening on soil level seems impossible. In gardening, when we say raised beds it means that the soils are confined in a certain width and level. The soil is raised at a certain height which is enclosed by railway sleepers.

This is done in most areas where the soil cannot be contained in the place. They offer various opportunities for the gardeners. The planting season is prolonged because they are not dependent on the reliance of the soil. Pets will have difficulty in attacking the animals because they are elevated. Gardeners will not walk over their plants. Because the vegetables are planted closely, when fully grown, the leaves of the vegetables will grow closely, leaves will begin to get in contact with the other leaves which will create a microclimate wherein the moisture is confined and conserved in a certain area and the growth of weeds will be restrained. The compost derived from the contained place and planting closely of the vegetables will result in high production.

With the use of railway sleepers, elderly and disabled can get into gardening conveniently because the lifted beds are built at a certain height that is more convenient for them. Raised beds are great solution in controlling soil erosion. The contained space makes the nutrient and water present in the soil are being utilized properly. This also offers additional space for growing other crops.

Timber railway sleepers are made of strong and durable materials which make them the ideal candidate in making raised beds. Timber sleepers are commonly used in making lifted beds. The sleepers are treated with preservers to withstand all kinds of elements. The raised beds are normally one foot in depth and at least three to four feet wide. More than this width will make it hard for you to reach the central area of the raised bed. It will be difficult for you to water and add nutrients to the plants. They can ma made in any length that you wish. Once you are finished making the beds, loosen the soil inside and fill it up with the top soil and compost.

Once done, your bed is now ready for planting. Make sure to water the plants regularly because the soil in raised beds dries up quickly. Don’t forget to fertilize the plants regularly as well for the nutrient and moisture of the soil will be dependent on how much you put on the raised beds,

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