Tomato Gardening Tips : Spacing of Tomatoes and Peppers in a Raised Bed Garden

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When growing tomatoes and peppers in a raised bed, you need to leave at least 18 to 24 inches of spacing between them to ensure that each plant gets enough light to thrive. Get the full details in this free video on tomato gardening tips.Expert: Stan DeFreitas Bio: Stan DeFreitas, also known as Mr. Green Thumb, has worked as an urban horticulturist for the Pinellas County Extension Service and has taught horticulture at St. Petersburg College. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: You can grow tomatoes indoors or outdoors, big or small, in summer or winter, as long as you have the right materials, seeds and know-how. Gain valuable tomato gardening tips from an expert in this free video series.

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