Vegetable Garden: How to Sow Seeds in a Raised Bed Garden

William Moss from CBS this Morning and HGTV show you how to sow lettuce and onion seeds in a Raised Bed Garden with Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl. Visit and http

12 Responses to “Vegetable Garden: How to Sow Seeds in a Raised Bed Garden”

  1. RMCrowley says:

    is that like a second date for them

  2. QuickGardens says:

    Great practical tips on seed planting depth. Thanks for making a difference.

  3. rigas13 says:

    good jood……

  4. BrendenDerGottJames says:

    i learned alot from this video when i paused at 0:16

  5. likecards says:

    My garden boxes look just like yours. I don’t make furrows though. I just scatter as they can get so packed and no one is going to walk on them.

  6. faroukabad says:

    hmm, well, I made raised rows for my collards, and I made little holes 1 foot apart and dropped the seeds in. Every single one of them came up and matured.

  7. WellnessMafia says:

    I really want to start growing my own. We all should be growing our own! 😀

  8. Praxxus55712 says:

    She didn’t mention how much ranch dressing needs to be poured into each row. No ranch? oh. 🙁

  9. MadBadVoodo says:

    Five Stars!!

  10. DasBus2002 says:

    I thought I was the only one who hated the thinning process! : )

  11. WillowBranchDesigns says:

    Great tip on how deep to sow the seeds. I can never remember, but this is an easy way…as long as I can remember how many. lol.


  12. LVEdivinecommerce says:

    I had never heard that seed depth tip, very handy!!!

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