Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas and Planning For a Very Small Garden

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25 Responses to “Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas and Planning For a Very Small Garden”

  1. rickvanman says:

    @MZMStudios LOL – yep it’s a postage stamp garden! Thanks for the blog entry on the container-gardening-for-food website, am just approving it now :o)

  2. MZMStudios says:

    Wow, Rick… you really DO have a small area, there, don’t ya?? I never realized it was such a small area. The way you’ve maximized all of your space, it’s hard to tell it in your other videos! Looks huge in the other videos! =)

    Great job, mate!

  3. rickvanman says:

    LOL – Actually my neighbours on one side are genuinely not impressed! Oh well, we all have different prioroties I suppose. Live & let Live.
    Enjoy the wine :o)

  4. flyingfisbeefilms says:

    I can just hear the neighbours!
    “What’s he up to now Beryl?”
    “Oh let him be- he’s a nut job- now here’s a beer!”

    Best of luck with your ideas I’m off to have some plum wine! Ha ha!

  5. rickvanman says:

    aw thanks :o)

  6. MrSmallButBrave says:

    Rick, i love you…
    well, in the way of, you’re so AMBITIOUS and you put quite some work in keeping your subscribers amused and posted…
    and damn, you’re just great

  7. niffer58 says:

    sounds great. i want to try it. i don’t have much to grow in.

  8. rickvanman says:

    thanks :o)

  9. rickvanman says:

    LOL! My Hero!

    Wireless was a cheap mic plugged into the Zoom H2 (now i’ve learned how to switch on the external mic power).

    Homing camera mount – would love one! Probably cost the earth though.

  10. Zeamus634 says:

    I think we have the next Allan Titchmark here. lol

    How much did the wireless mic cost, are you going to get a homing camera mount next that follows you around the garden?

  11. baddogonline says:

    You’re getting really good at this! 🙂

  12. dobe762 says:

    Excellent start … hope you can show us how you cook and prepare your veggies when they are ready …

    Roll on the summer ..

  13. Djmorley1169 says:

    This sound really good and you will noe defo have me glued to your vids lol

    as anything to do with outside and indoor plants is just what i like doin so the more tips i get from you the better lol

  14. athomas1124 says:

    this is so very interesting

  15. MicheleMidnight says:

    you will be able to feed the neighborhood with all the growing you are planning.

  16. iStonner says:

    @TheSenior53 i am lol!

  17. johnny102marvin says:

    Rick, did you control your camera with a remote? You really have this square foot gardening thing down to a science. I just finished reading the book, “Square Foot Gardening” By Mel Barthalomew. You are doing everything exactly the way he says to do it.

    It would be nice if you could get your neighbors interested in Square Foot Gardening. Mel Barthalomew was able to motivate the people in his area to start Square Foot Gardens, because they are maintenance free.

  18. TheSenior53 says:

    it is a real show,r u stoned DSc

  19. DragonSteadycam says:

    it looks like a real tv show! cool

  20. rickvanman says:

    Thanks – its on the shed roof on a tripod:o)

  21. rickvanman says:

    Thanks :o)

  22. rickvanman says:

    With the right approach, and careful planning, 2 acres could produce a LOT of food.

  23. rickvanman says:

    LOL – all I need is that band music that they play and I’m all set!
    An assistant like Charlie Dimmock would be most welcome! :o)

  24. CathyDirector says:

    Very Nice and interesting. Good Luck with your food and website! Wow how high is your tripod on the end of your video? How you didi it?

  25. rickvanman says:

    Cheers Paul – one of the disadvantages to a small garden – even with the wide angle, you cant push the camera far enough away!

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