Watering with drip irrigation for your raised bed garden with pre-existing sprinkler timer

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John explains how sprinkler timer and sprinkler valves are installed and how they can be used to work with a drip irrigation system..

6 Responses to “Watering with drip irrigation for your raised bed garden with pre-existing sprinkler timer”

  1. RequiemForChange says:

    Got ants?

  2. MsCountryboy6 says:

    Great vid those control valves are good valves just replace that rusted tee and u will good to go

  3. growingyourgreens says:

    My valves are under the awning of my house, so it is protected. I agree about flouride. Need to get a special activated Alumina filter to remove it. I do not have it here.

  4. telemarker77 says:

    you should built a valve cover box to cover your valves/ pressure reducers/filter- they will last much longer-keep them out of the sun. the type of flouride if your city adds it is designed to keep you passive and is the same type of flouride used in rat poison and it is and industrial waste product. a typical water filter will not remove the flouride. chlorine is the least of your worries. thank for the vid.

  5. gscarecrow says:

    you got ants

  6. Inspire2Act says:

    I just want to let you know that I have seen many of your videos and I just installed drip yesterday. As a do it yourself woman I really appreciate you showing videos like this!

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