White Garden Rose

White Garden Rose

The language of flowers has been with us since ancient times. The earliest tradition of using flowers to convey messages was found in ancient Persia and Japan. During the Victorian era it was very chivalrous for a man to express his devotion towards his fair lady using flowers. This is what is explained by: A marriage of nature and meaning.

This was due to the lack of technological advances that would restrict travel and also because most of the people of ancient times, especially in the Europe of the Middle Ages, were kept illiterate. Most of the knowledge was held in monasteries and churches.

Today many people celebrate holidays, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but they do not know the history behind them or they cannot read the meaning of the symbolism involved. However, there still exists in our psyche the need to express feelings and sentiments that are well beyond our words and we can accomplish expressing these feelings by using the beauty of flowers.

There are many flowers of different colors that help us convey many messages. One of the most prevalent roses is the white rose. The white rose is usually found in weddings and bouquets. White roses in weddings are a symbol of pure and young love. That is to symbolize the brand new union of a man and a woman that have embarked on a journey of life together.

This is the same as in ancient Rome where love was always depicted as an infant child or in the form of cupid. This symbolizes the ever changing presence of love. That it begins as a simple whim, but as years pass by, it becomes strong and it becomes selfless love.

In other cultures the meaning of the rose is reflected in the color. The rose was merely the media in which the message was convey. It is the same as the canvas of a painting, were the canvas is just the surface that gives the idea; the colors and the richness of a painting give it a place to exist. This is the same in the language of roses. In this case a white rose was a sign of purity and youth or when given to a woman it can be a symbol of your admiration and respect towards her.

Whether it is with roses or words, the meaning of emotions should be always expressed with the heart. As one of the best singers of Spain wrote, “There are no mysteries when the one that talks is the heart.” So when you think about doing something nice for that special one, remember color can be important. Chose you color wisely, for it can tell what is truly in your heart.

By: Lee Martin Resource: http://www.WonderfulRoses.com

Author: Lee Martin
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