Brewing Up An All Natural And Healthy Plant Food

Brewing Up An All Natural And Healthy Plant Food

We all worry over giving our plants and flowers the right amount of water, the correct dose of nutrients and the proper food. Here’s a quick way to do both at the same time, without worry!

You can give your plants both food and water at the same time, and jump start (or speed up) their growth while improving their overall health. The secret? Brew some compost tea. And while you might not want to serve this to guests at your next garden party, your plants will love it.

Recipe For Compost Tea:

  • In a large container, mix 1/2 compost with 1/2 water (Optional: Fill a pillowcase with compost and tie closed. Immerse the pillow case *compost tea bag* in the container).
  • Cover container and let stand 2 days.
  • Stir every two days with a long stick, garden shovel or a broom handle. (Optional, press down on the compost tea bag to release more of the nutrients into the brew)
  • After approximately 10 days, your compost tea is ready (It should be a dark brown color).
  • If you just added compost directly to the water, strain through an old pillow case or cheesecloth to remove the solids. (This can be placed back in the compost pile)
  • Pour half into two new containers and dilute the dark brown *tea* until it resembles weak tea.
  • Take the now weakened Compost Brew and apply to leaves of your plants with a foliar sprayer for quick absorption of nutrients. You may optionally pour the brew directly over the root systems.

Note: When adding the wet compost material used to brew the tea back into the compost pile, turn or fold the wet into the dry. Then, when you need to brew another batch, you will get a nutrient rich *tea bag*.

Please share your favorite method of feeding your plants *healthy* in the comment area below.

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